About SolarPowerCampingGear


We are an active outdoor family that can be found Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking on the Delaware River, or Camping in the Pocono Mountains. This site is about new Solar technology products & Information and how they can apply to the great outdoors. I’m a Clean Water Advocate and a member of a few Worldwide Water Organizations – International Water Association (IWA) with local organizations such as Delaware Riverkeeper Network.

Summer Days on the Neshaminy Creek just off the Delaware River in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Plenty of Canoeing Cycling and other outdoor activities to keep everyone healthy. We are close to the Jersey Shore where we lived for a few years and enjoy the Saltwater too! 

That’s Donna Horseback Riding in Hawaii She enjoys water skiing and any kind of outside recreation.  My son is leaving soon on a 350 Hike on the Appalachian Trail starting in West Virginia and ending in Upstate New York. He is well-equipped with the newest Solar BackPack, Solar Flashlights, and Solar Camp Lanterns.  We plan on tracking from here at SolarPowerCampingGear.com 

Solar Energy is good for the environment and as the technology gets better year after year the prices come down and the products get smaller and smaller. This makes Hiking, Cycling, and Outdoor living easier and more sense as the portable equipment is produced for those people taking advantage of our National treasures living off-grid, and using nature as a backdrop to life. So Get out and Enjoy!

JimGalloway and My daughter Donna and Grandkids Emily & Taylor