Portable Solar Shower

These days are far ahead of what camping used to be. Name anything you used and that item is twice as good as the one say 5 years ago. One of these critical camping items is a portable solar shower for Tent Campers. No more standing in line at the campground Bathrooms to get your turn to rinse off the dirt from the long days of high temperatures that come with Tent Camping. There are many features but which ones do you need?  What is a portable solar shower?

Solar Powered Shower

  • Gravity or Pressure
  • Holds 5 gals. or more
  • 2-4 ply construction
  • 7-10 min. shower over 100° or more
  • Charges in 3-4 hrs.

Shower Tent

  • D-style Door
  • Big zippers in & out
  • Good Ventilation
  • Places to store soaps
  • High hanger for Gravity Solar Shower
  • Hanger for clothing & towels
  • Strong frame
  • High ceiling


There are a lot of new developments that have come along in the last decade or so. Being a family camper and raising 2 girls and 3 boys, camping was a favorite summer recreation for us. I just wish some of these simple but effective camping tools were around when my wife and kids were all together. How many times did you have to bring the kids down to get their shower at the campsite bathrooms? The Solar Powered Camping Shower would have been a great help along with the Shower Tent and fun too!

Solar Camping Shower


A Solar Shower system contains a Solar-powered bladder and a Shower Tent.  It works just like a regular shower but the energy to heat the shower’s water comes from the sun. The shower bags usually hold about 5 gallons and can be pressurized using a foot pump like a bicycle air pump to get a nice stream of hot water going or it can be emptied by gravity, which also works well enough to get the job done. The bladder of the Solar Shower bag usually has 2 or more ply construction starting with the bladder than the Solar layer.

The Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Solar Shower had an adequate run time for showering about 7 minutes enough time to rinse off after a dip in the ocean or hose down your kids before they get back in the car for the trip home or to get ready for dinner and crawling back into their sleeping bags.

If you’re as old as I am you might remember that long trip home in the back of the family’s station wagon with the sunburn and sand scratching your skin off with some extra burn. Not a great feeling.

You’ll need some gravity to get some pressure to keep the water flowing. All Solar Showers are dependent on sunlight so filling the bag and getting it right in the sun will dictate how hot the shower will be. The water temperature will on average get up to 100 degrees in 3-4 hours on an 80-degree day.

Advanced Elements 5 gal. PVC Free Summer Shower this System is called the Advanced Elements 5 gal. PVC Free Summer Shower is sold on Amazon. A durable Camping Solar Shower that has 4 layers in the design.

Summer Shower is powered by solar technology, with an efficient four-ply construction that consists of a reflector panel, an insulator panel, a solar panel, and a water reservoir. As a result, the Summer Shower can generate warm water fast–a must on cool mornings. For the money, you can get some bang for your buck with the simplest version of a Solar Powered Camp Shower.


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Nemo Helio Pressure Shower


Most of these Solar Camping Showers Bags need to be hung overhead using Gravity for the pressure. The higher the hung the more pressure. This Solar Camp Shower uses a portable pressurized shower and a sprayer that rests on the ground and provides the pressure you need to really get a nice shower.

It provides a 2.9-gallon shower for a 5-7 minute hot shower. The system comes in a small compact bag and works from level ground.

The Shower Bag comes with a footbag that pressurizes the water in the Bag without over-inflating the bladder. If the pressure starts to drop while using you can pump with your foot for added power. The best part about using this Solar System is that you can use it while it’s sitting on the ground.

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower LX has even more capacity over 5 gals. and 20 percent more pressure power available through Amazon at a great price. 7-10 minutes of continuous, steady water pressure. Continuous pressure as you shower using your foot.





Solar Shower Tent


If you have a passion for adventure and often travel, a shower tent is a must-have thing in your camping equipment. It’s a special enclosure that can provide you with privacy in the wild and extend your camping adventures for a very long time. A shower tent is incredibly versatile as it affords a private and intimate space for showering, changing clothes, or using the restroom any time and any place. But for the most part,  it’s to use with a Solar Powered Camping Shower.

So it needs some certain specific features that you won’t need in a small tent. Some come with a floor and need to drain to the outside. Some don’t have floors and find them cleaner to use. Some Shower Tents are built for multi-use but Stay with a Shower Tent.

  • Large opening D-style Door
  • Extra-large zippers
  • Good Ventilation
  • Places to store shampoos & soaps and of course, hang your Solar Shower
  • Hang change of clothing and towels
  • Strong framing but easy to pack up
  • Head-Room for bigger guys
  • Lightweight, rainproof but durable fabric


This system is a fine example with the Summer Solar Shower Bag or the Nemo Helio Pressured Solar Shower called  KOUPA Changing Room Privacy Tent-Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, available through Amazon.


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