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There are a lot of choices when it comes to Camping Cooler this year if you are an outdoorsman or woman whether fishing, hunting, or boondocking in an RV. One thing is for certain You will find the right one for you at the right price. What are some of the best, newest and talked about Camping Coolers?

This year’s Best Camping Coolers are:

Chill Chest Iceless Cooler uses Temperature Lock Technology-traps cold inside-material holds up to 100 X’s its weight.
GoSun Chill Solar Power Cooler/Panel-cool accessories-can charge battery while using it
Infinite-Big Rechargeable Battery Powered with many extra’s

Not all new Camping Coolers are Solar Powered, in fact, the popular Camping Coolers, I thought I would be writing about, and bought last year like Yeti or Orca aren’t on my new list.

Solar Powered Cooler

These days technology has us the new world of Solar systems that can go anywhere so you can do anything. With brushless compressors for complete freedom. A Solar Powered Cooler is an Iceless Cooler that will fill the void of keeping food cold on those Beach days, Camp trips, or Off-Grid places.

With the traditional Ice Coolers, it meant stooping to pick up ice and filling the plastic coolers for keeping your lunches cold. When you went to grab it at lunchtime, the food was soggy and wet but that’s the way it was until now.

A Solar Powered Cooler doesn’t use ice so it’s not bogged down with pounds of ice cubes.  The Solar coolers will keep every fresh and ice-cold ready to go on the warmest beach in the dog days of summer. All the space that is taken up with ice in a regular cooler is available for more cold drinks or food. If the power goes out in your home during a storm the contents of your fridge can go in this Solar Powered Cooler because it doesn’t run on electricity.

The secret is the Lithium batteries that a Solar Powered Cooler runs on. A Solar Panel recharges the Battery when it gets low. Most Solar Powered Cooler Batteries can be plugged into an AC outlet or a DC outlet like the ones in a car beside the Solar Panel. The best part is they can be energizing while they are in use. This makes them a valuable tool at a campsite or Off-Grid. They are excellent devices for emergency preparedness.  When the power goes out, it would be smart to have a backup plan to keep food from spoiling so keep it on the list to be prepared for anything that might happen.

 Chill Chest Cooler

Another Iceless Cooler is called a Chill Chest Cooler. This Ice Chest is not Solar Powered Cooler but it can also work in similar capacities by keeping liquids or food ice cold in the hottest environments like Camping trips or Emergencies like blackouts during storms.

What Chill Chest Claims: 

  • Holds up to 60 cans and keeps them cold for up to 10 hours –
  • Temperature Lock Technology traps the cold inside
  • Keeps cold foods cold and hot foods hot
  • Strong enough to hold over 100 times its weight
  • Easy to take with you wherever you go and collapsible and stackable for easy storage

The secret to this amazing product is the temperature-lock technology with interwoven Polypropylene cells that trap the cold inside! Polypropylene cells are a plastic polymer used to make packaging. (As if you didn’t already know)  A Chill Chest Cooler keeps fresh, frozen, and ready to enjoy for hours longer than other coolers.

It’s durable and strong enough to hold up to 100X its weight, yet light enough to hold two of them over your head. Chill Chest has enough room to hold food & drinks ice cold. A Chill Chest Cooler easily folds flat in seconds for convenient storage. Amazon carries on perfect for Hunting and Fishing called White Grizzly 400-Qt. Cooler, Model# 9833 – A Premium Hunting Ice Box


Infinite Cooler

Next to the GoSun Solar Power Cooler, the Infinite Rechargeable Battery Powered Cooler is making a huge splash with Party on Wheels Cooler unit. This Cooler is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of Solar Powered Cooler. Comes with everything you need to get that Tailgating Party going and still does what it was supposedly built for, keeping stuff cold! The Infinite Cooler is on Crowdfunding Campaigns and innovative products where new and groundbreaking products take flight, sometimes long before they hit mainstream availability. 

Some of these include:

  • A Blender that can make up 100 drinks on one full charge
  • Cutting Board
  • Digital display of temperatures
  • HD Camera
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Phone Charger
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • LED Lighting
  • A lot more
  • 61 Quart Capacity
  • It’s able to store items for up to 17 days thanks to its Nano Powdered Insulation

Yea you heard me right 17 days. As for power, the cooler includes a built-in, rechargeable 20,000-mAh battery, plus a separate rechargeable battery in the blender.

GoSun Chill Cooler

One of the most popular Solar Power Cooler is the GoSun Solar Power Cooler which uses a Lithium Battery and Solar System storage. The GoSun Cooler can run all day on a battery charge. You can set your own desired temperature and even store frozen food in the Cooler. Every year they get bigger, and better adding cool accessories.

The Battery can detach from the Solar Cooler and can be used as a separate Power Bank for other devices. The Power Bank can charge up to 3 devices via a USN connection.  It also has a 15 amp Car adapter to run any accessories. This cooler is perfect for a Boat, RV, or anywhere Off-Grid. You can have power and cold drinks and food whenever or wherever in the world you are.

There is a 30-watt Solar Panel that will attach to the handle of the Cooler or there is a convenient Solar Table that will double as a Solar Panel and a Service table to serve your dinner on. The Solar Table from GoSun can keep the Solar Poere Cooler charged indefinitely. Some good tips for operating a GoSun Chill Solar Power Cooler are:


  • Start with Cold Food and Drinks-It takes a lot of energy to bring warm food and drinks down to the right temperature if you are planning to use your Battery to run the unit load the Cooler with cold items.
  • On the way to where you are Camping or where you will be using the Solar Power Cooler, charge the Lithium Battery with your Car system.
  • Use your GoSun Cooler’s Power Bank wisely-It will run for a few hours at frozen food temperatures and run all day at cold drink temperatures.
  • With the Chill turned off, Use the GoSun Solar Power Manual for Setting the controls for the Cooler
  • In the setting, you’ll need to change the Battery Settings if you want to charge the Cooler-Turn the power on and adjust the Settings from
  • 1. H- is for a Lead Acid Battery in an RV, Boat, or car battery.
  • 2. M-is for Remote Power
  • 3. L is for the lithium-ion in the Power Bank





Solar Panel Blocking Diode


 Happy Trails!

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