Smart Tents

Not too long ago Camping Tents were a horrible experience with trying to match up poles and colors usually taking up the best part of your vacation. These days the camping experience gets easier and easier, especially now with Solar powered camping equipment and Smart Tents that are built around that Solar Power. It’s a quicker way to get you enjoying the outdoors instead of preparing for them. What is a Smart Tent?

Smart Tents are:
Contain a Storage Bank, inside Pockets & USB connectors
Allow you to charge all your low-voltage devices with the Sun’s energy
Easy to manage & set-up
Made of UV rated material
Improved Ventilation
Illumination features
Climate Control
All controllable with your Smartphone

You can buy portable solar equipment that will do the things that will create a Smart or Solar Tent but having a tent that is built and designed around that equipment is a different story. That awkwardness that comes with using new solar-powered devices with a conventional type tent along with long set-up times is a thing of the past.

Solar Tents

Basically, Solar Tents are the same as the tents were 20 years ago as far as what they do for the traditional outdoor recreational person who wants to get out and enjoy nature for whatever reason. If you and the family are enjoying a music festival or you might be taking a hike solo in the mountains. They do the same with a high tech difference. They allow you to stay plugged into the world you came from while enjoying the outdoors so you won’t miss a beat.

Using Solar Energy to charge phones, laptops, and cameras among other devices in the middle of nowhere. Still keeping you comfortable, dry warm, and safe from the creepy crawlers that roam the floor in the forest at night. The new type of Solar Tents can capture the Sun’s natural energy harvest it and use it as a tool available for use in the tent.

The Tent that is made to carry a Solar Panel to power a bank for you to plug into converting that Sun’s energy and create DC power for the camper to use for light and other devices to operate. This coexistence between the traditional camping ideas of enjoying the Sun, Outdoors, and the tech world that we depend on is what makes a Solar tent a Smart Tent. Ask any hiker or avid camper and one of their most important device or tool to carry with them is Light.

The new portable rechargeable lithium batteries can be trickle charged from small Solar Panels located on the outside of the tents directed towards the best position of the Sun. That is determined and can be adjusted when you set the Tent up.

There is a great selection of 2-3-4- a person or bigger Solar Tents to choose from. These including those designed specifically designed for car or van camping, backpacking, and long Hikes. Now manufacturers that make Camping Tents are using functionality and high tech tools to make tents more efficient and easier to handle. Camping Tents haven’t really changed in the last few decades except maybe the material used in making them. With the development of  Solar power and new designs, there is a bit of reincarnation that is making the outdoors available again to us regular folk.

There are some trade-offs with Solar Tents just like with any conveniences that make Camping, RVing or Hiking a little more tolerable to the normal weekend-camper.  A person who can enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer without joining the hardcore experienced outdoor survivalist.

Solar Tents aren’t for everybody but some who may be in the middle. They can satisfy the interest of escaping to the Outdoors without losing some conveniences of staying home or being at the office. If that makes any sense?

One popular type of Solar Tent that is also called the smartest Tent is called a Cinch.

Cinch Tents

The smartest Smart Tent called Cinch

The Cinch tent pops up in seconds and can be broken down in minutes. The unique design of the Cinch Tent allows for multi-tent connectivity and its large size is remarkable thus providing enough room for a person to stand up, stretch, and move easily around the space. This is the 4th generation of Cinch pop-up tents and serves to revolutionize camping, making it smarter, cooler, and hassle-free. The panoramic structure and two-entryways are different than any other tent I’ve ever seen.

The company claims the material used in the making of the tent is UV rated 100% waterproof double-taped seams and a 4000HH fabric outer layer. The product includes super flex fiberglass poles, doormats, and extra pegs, and guys for total wind resistance. The design of the Cinch has made this Smart Tent in demand for the hikers and outdoorsman today.

The Cinch claims 3,500-lumen lanterns that pair with smartphones for dimmable (and color) control. That seems like a lot, lot, of light from a solar-charged tent. For comparison, a car headlamp powers out about 1,200 lumens. So you will probably be using that dimming feature (or blinding wildlife) if the number is accurate.

LED lights line the ceiling of the tent, illuminating your living inside the tent area at the touch of a button on your smartphone. The setup sparkles glow and provide 365 colors. The Cinch also provides for solar power mounting and climate control for cold or sticky mornings. The solar panels pull in 21 watts of power and are strong enough to charge your USB gadgets straight from the sun. The Smart Tent includes an innovative technology that allows the panel to manage environmental conditions delivering the best charge. The rooftop ports store the solar power inside the tent, keeping it dry and easily accessible. The portable power pack offers 13,000mAh with fast-charging, two regular USB ports, and even a USB Type-C port. The climate control canopy stretches over the tent, which helps keep the inside cooler and darker. This Smart Tent is high tech in every aspect of design and Solar Power ability.




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