Solar Powered Tent Fans

We have come a long way from the days when we were kids and camping out was some hard work mixed with memories of sharing with friends and family. To make camping even easier and more comfortable Solar Camp Fans can add comfort and conserve energy. What are the different types of Solar Powered Tent Fans?

Solar Powered Tent Fans are lightweight Fans made to cool off your camping Tent, RV, or any outdoor/indoor structure that is located Off-Grid & charged by DC power from the solar panel or rechargeable Batteries normally connected by USB or alligator clips cable. Some can be powered using an AC adapter.

Solar Power is making outdoor Camping, Hiking, and all other types of activities more comfortable and energy-efficient with new products every year powered by sunlight. Solar Power Camping Fans are the new ones.

Solar Powered Camping Fan


The new lightweight plastic hanging Fans are made to cool off your Tent taking advantage of the cooler temps that happen at your campsite at night. The plastic Blades snap right into place and the Camping Tent Fan is ready as long as you got some 12-volt power hanging around. These small hanging Tent Fans will keep your Backpack light if you are on the move and your tent air well circulated for a better rest on the trail.

They have 9 ft of USB chord or alligator clips so you can power up easily to what’s handy. Hanging fans are Compact and lightweight, Soft wind with little noise, Safe to use, and energy-saving. The Portable Ceiling Fan Mini USB Tent Fans are ideal for Camping, Outdoor Hanging Gazebo Tents Ceiling Canopy Fan DC 5V Compatible Battery Power. They pull DC 5 Volts They use 6 watts of energy weighing in at around 11 oz. How many times have you crawled into your tent and lost 5 lbs before you could out?  This will keep hot air exhausting and flowing keeping your Tent cooled down.

These small  Tent Fans hang down 4-5 inches and can’t be adjusted, so you want to make sure you have some clearance in your Tent. Just hook it up to a rechargeable power source for camping but it can be plugged in if power is available. A power bank or a solar panel will run the unit or a plug that connects with the USB on the unit.

      Rechargeable Tent Fans

Other Tent Fans are rechargeable like this one Camping Fan with Night Lights 1800mAh USB Rechargeable Tent Fan Portable USB Camping Fan Persona Fan with 10 LED Rechargeable Lantern. Multiple Charging Methods: USB charging by a computer, laptop, power bank, USB charger, car charger, etc. The tent fan can run and charge batteries simultaneously. The built-in rechargeable battery can be replaceable if needed. Some can contain night lighting for the tent inside the Fan that can last for hours on high speed.

12-Volt Fans for Camping


There are Solar Powered Camp Fans that come with a little more oomph than the Tent Fan still working off 12-volt with rechargeable batteries that can cool down your RV or Camper or bigger spaces. With light and perfect design, you can take the entire kit with you on camping or vacation trips without the hassle of cables to the power grid. Uses sunlight to output lights to solar panels and convert light energy into electrical energy that drives the micromotor to make the fan work.

Take a look at this 17-inch metal Fan that will change the air in your RV and save your Battery juice by not running your air conditioner. This Solar Powered Camp Fan will cool down bigger spaces Motorhomes and Off-Grid Cabins  GMRZ Portable Solar Fan Rechargeable, Quiet Cooling Fan 10 Speed Settings 180 Degree Adjustable Metal Table Fan for Indoor Home Outdoor Camping Patios, with Solar Panel,17 inch

Size: 39*39cm 15 inch, (17 inches)
Battery: 4000MA (15 inch), 6000MA (17inch)
Charging method: Adapter / solar
Operating time: 5 ~ 12 hours

Dog House Solar Fan


       Dog House Solar Fan

Absolutely! Who doesn’t bring their best friend along on camping trips? When your Campsite is all set up and everyone’s got a spot, then its time to take care of the dog.  For Off-Grid sites, this can be a perfect solution for your pet.

This is a solar-powered exhaust fan, so there is no need to plug into an electrical outlet or have expensive electrical work done where there is no current electricity.

Having a breeze to remove warmer air from the dog house and replace it with cooler outside air is a great way to keep your pet as cool as possible on warm summer days, which this fan will remove the house air up to five times per minute.

It is easy to install attach the exhaust fan to the/an opening on the dog house and locate the solar panel either on top of the house or up to 8′ away from where it can receive direct sunlight.

Solar-powered fans will replace the entire house air up to 5 times per minute by exhausting the hot air in the Dog’s housekeeping the Dog cool using an indirect breeze on hot days and nights. It uses Passive exhaust and turns on when the sun is not shining.

The system is set up when the weather gets colder with twist knobs that easily close the vent. The Solar Fan is safe and quiet. zit uses a whisper-quiet ball bearing that won’t wake your Dog. It also has an 8 ft cord that will allow you to move the Solar Panel to find more sun. Take a look at this Dog House Fan on Amazon called Billionaire Asia New Solar Powered Dog House Exhaust Fan Whisper-Quiet, Vent


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Large Solar Powered Fan


Large Solar Powered Camping Fan

For even more air transfer at your Campsite or inside Your RV, this fan has a cable to connect to the solar panel and another cable to connect to the electrical socket. The battery is charged in either of two ways. The battery is at the base of the pedestal. With the full charge, you can use it for 5 to 12 continuous hours, without recharging, depending on the speed. Cowin Solar Fan System – Solar Energy Fan (16’’ Blade), LED Light, 15W Solar Panel, USB Port, Comes with Outlet Converter

The fan has a cable to connect to the solar panel and another cable to connect to the electrical socket. The battery is charged in either of two ways. The battery is at the base of the pedestal. With the full charge, you can use it for 5 to 12 continuous hours, without recharging, depending on the speed. It can be used Camping or on your patio outdoors or indoors. It can work for up to 7-8 hours at a full charge which is about 5 hours.

The Solar panel: 15W/18V + 16.4 inch cable.  The Solar Fan can be powered and charged by DC power from the 15W solar panel. In the event of little or no sunlight, or no charge, the fan can be charged through an AC power adapter, which comes with the fan. Our fan is built with a rechargeable battery that comes with overcharge/discharge protection.

Solar Powered Camping Fans are just another reason to get outdoors! The Camping Gear that Solar Powered is making life in your Tent or RV even easier every year. Their no reason to miss out!



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